Time is Money

The worst situations in repair is having a delay in your parts order while you are booked up to the neck and you have a difficult customer. Don’t put yourself in that situation, partner with us.

On Schedule

What some distributors fail to realize is that your repair schedule is an intricate and delicate piece of machinery. All the gears have to work just right for you to be efficient. When you are waiting for a part, you have an occupied bay, or you waste the time to move that trailer in and out which in turn means you are losing time and money. With our nationwide distribution network and partners, we ensure you are working at your utmost potential.

We are Trailer Parts Experts

Often times as a repair shop, you do more than just repairing. Sometimes you come across a peculiar opportunity and you have to do your research and due diligence. That’s where we come in. We are more than just trailer experts. We are fabricators, manufacturers, distributors, and most of all, your (all in one) resource.

Make Money off Parts

We all know the customers who want the best brands under their trailers, but other times, some customers just want to get back on the road because they hardly use their trailer. Don’t lose out on that business just because you can’t offer your customers options. We carry top domestic name brands, but also more economic import options all at great prices so you can make money.
Secondly we offer a nationwide dropshipping program. If you are (not making money off selling trailer parts alone), “only repairing right now”, you are missing a piece of the pie. With this program, we extend our buying power, nationwide reach, and customer service over to you. With this, you can provide your customers the ability to be serviced by you from anywhere in the nation, because we all know that trailers are constantly on the move. Have a customer with a broken axle? No problem, we will utilize our distribution network and either have the customer pick up or deliver the part straight to them with no extra effort from you all whilst you make money.

For Trailer Manufacturers

How TK Trailer helps manufacturers build.

For Trailer Dealers

TK Trailer has deep resources for trailer dealers.

For Trailer Repair Shops

Repair shops need accuracy and timeliness.




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