10k General Duty Trailer Axle Brake Assembly – 10000 lb Capacity – 12.25×3.375″ – Right Hand (Passenger Side)


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  • 12.25″x3.375″ Electric Brake Assembly
  • Passenger Side
  • 7 Bolt Brake Flange
  • Rated at 10,000 lbs per pair

This 10K general duty trailer axle brake assembly is designed for the right-hand, or passenger side, of your trailer. It will fit most 10K axles from Dexter, TK, and other manufacturers, and our team can help you decide if it’s the right part for your business. The installation process is simple and you’ll have your trailer back on the road in no time at all. If you have questions, then please contact us online today. At TK Trailer Parts, we’re here to make sure you have access to quality options at affordable prices. Order your new 10K trailer axle brake assembly today!


  • The NEV-R-ADJUST brake system automatically adjusts for optimum braking performance.
  • Whole brake assemblies make replacing brakes a breeze. Seven bolts and two wires is all it takes for new brakes.

Note: NEV-R-ADJUST brakes adjust after a few stops. New brakes need to be burnished by braking 20-30 times at an approximate speed of 40 mph slowing the vehicle to 20 mph. Allow brakes to cool in between brake appications.

Most Dexter 10k General Duty Axles (Dexter, TK, & Texas Pride)

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Weight20 lbs