2k Pre - greased Hub Assembly - 2000 lb 5x4.5"

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  • 2 L44649 Inner and Outer Bearings (1″ ID)
  • 2 L44610 Inner and Outer Races (Already Pressed In) 1.98″ OD
  • 1″Grease Seal (1.25″ x1.979″)
  • 1 Grease Cap (1.986″ OD)
  • 1 Grease Cap (1.986″ OD)
  • 1 Grease Cap Plug
  • 4 Coned Wheel Nuts
  • 1,250 lb Capacity Per Hub

If you need a new 2K trailer hub assembly, then TK Trailer Parts is here to help. This pre-greased assembly comes with everything you need, including inner and outer bearings, a grease cap plug, and more. The high-temp grease keeps everything moving as it should, and all you have to do is attach the assembly to your axle. Your trailer will be back on the road in no time, and you’ll know everything will work smoothly as you drive to that next job. Order your new 2K trailer hub assembly from our online catalog today, and please let us know if you have any questions! Features:

  • Our Hub Assemblies Come 100% pre-greased
    • Greased with high temp grease
    • Ready to slip on your axle for your convenience
  • Our hub kits come with some of your main components like the inner and outer bearings.
  • With our kits there is no need to worry about the races as they are already pressed into the hub for you.
  • You will also get the grease seal, grease cap, and wheel nuts for the hub.
  • This hub is designed for use with a 1″ diameter spindle.
  • Spindle nut and spindle washer sold separately.


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