5.2k Hub and Drum Assembly with Grease – 5200 lb 6 lug ( 25580 ) | 6×5.5″


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  • 1″ 25580 Inner Bearing (1.75″ ID)
  • 1 15123 Outer Bearing (1.25″ ID)
  • 1″ 25520 Inner Race (Already Pressed In) 3.265″
  • 1 15245 Outer Race (Already Pressed In) 2.328″
  • 1″ Grease Seal (2.25″ x 3.376″)
  • 1 EZ Lube Grease Cap (2.44″)
  • 1 Grease Cap Plug
  • 6 X1023R Coned Wheel Nuts
  • 1″ 6 on 5.5″ Hub and drum
  • 2,600lb Capacity Per Hub
  • Uses 12″x2″ brake

This 6K pre-greased trailer hub and drum assembly is a great choice for those who want to repair their trailers quickly and get back to work. When a hub breaks, it’s important to have the right parts on hand. At TK Trailer Parts, we’re here to give you access to quality parts at affordable prices so that you can focus on keeping your business running. This kit comes with everything you need, including bearings, races, and nuts. If you have questions, or you’re not sure this is the right assembly for your trailer, then please contact us right away.


  • Our Hub and drum Assemblies Come 100% pre-greased”
    • Greased with high temp grease
    • Ready to slip on your axle for your convenience
  • Our hub and drum kits come with some of your main components like the inner and outer bearings.
  • Races are pre-pressed
  • You will also get the grease seal, grease cap, and wheel nuts for the hub.
  • This hub is designed for use with a #42 spindle.
  • Spindle nut and spindle washer sold separately.

Additional information

Weight30 lbs