Build-To-Order Dexter RV Trailer Axle


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Please allow 3-5 weeks for the axle to be delivered. If you are needing something faster call one of our trailer parts experts to see if the axle you need is in stock.If available, have your purchase sent to a commercial business address as this will be delivered on a freight truck. This is a completely custom guide to ordering a replacement axle for your RV. Typically RV manufacturers use a one off axle and charge you an arm and leg for a replacement. This order sheet allows you to create the axle you need for a fraction of the price. All trailers axles are designed to operate within a certain minimum and maximum difference between the hubface and spring center. Below are the differences allowed to keep the axle rated at the capacity specified.

  • 3.5k – Minimum: 11.25″ / Maximum: 18″
  • 3.5k 3″ Tube – Minimum: 11.25″ / Maximum: 23″
  • 6k – Minimum: 13″ / Maximum: 15″
  • 7k – Minimum: 13″ / Maximum: 18″
  • 8k – Minimum: 16″ / Maximum: 19″

 There are NO RETURNS on this item, and you submitting your order is confirmation of such. If you have any questions, please call the office at 936-349-6507. The trailer parts expert can then help you through the ordering process.

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Trailer Axles ranging from 2,000 lb to 12,000 lb. 

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Trailer Experts are ready to help answer product questions and help find what you need!