Trailer Tri Ball Tow Ball Mount (5K to 10K Capacity) PS-18082 PS-18083 PS-18084 PS-18085 | Black Solid / Chrome Balls

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  • Features two welded trailer balls on a solid shank
  • Includes a durable powder coat finish
  • Includes a ball measuring 2-inches
  • Features a ball measuring 2-5/16-inches



    • Prime steel dual ball-mount
    • Black balls
    • Perfect option for those who own more than one trailer
    • It is a hassle always switching back and forth between ball mounts and keeping track of which ball mount fits which coupler
    • Prime steel has made things simpler with the multi-tow ball mount
    • These ball mounts feature two or three trailer balls mounted onto a straight shank to accommodate various coupler sizes and loads
    • This multi-ball ball mount features a 2, and a 2-5/16-inch ball
    • The 2-inch ball can handle 5000-pounds of GTW and 550-pounds of TW, the 2-5/16-inch ball accepts loads up to 10,000-pounds with 1,000-pounds of TW
    • This multipurpose ball mount also features a dual-length option and has a solid shank for increased strength
    • All multi-use ball mounts come with a gloss black powder coat finish and a 2 x 2-inch shank
    • Prime steel multi-tow ball mounts are an obvious choice for those who tow more than one trailer on a regular basis
    • The multiple-ball design allows for quick changes between ball sizes without needing to install or own an entirely different ball mount
    • The balls are permanently welded to the shank making these ball mounts secure

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    Weight20 lbs



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