Trailer Tandem Slipper Hanger Kit for 5200 – 8000 lb axles

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  • 2) 3-3/4″ tall front hangers
  • 2) 3-3/8″ tall center hangers
  • 2) 5-1/6″ tall rear hangers
  • 2) 12″ long straight equalizers
  • 8) 3-1/2″ long x 9/16″ diameter shackle bolts
  • 8) 9/16″ diameter locknuts
  • 2) 4-11/16″ long x 7/8″ diameter equalizer bolts
  • 2) 7/8″ diameter castle nuts
  • 2) 2-1/4″ long cotter pins
  • Capacity: 5200-8000 lb
  • Suspension Type: Slipper
  • Axle Setup: Tandem Axle

This tandem slipper hanger kit is designed for 5.2K to 8K trailer axles, and we know you’ll find it to be a great choice for your business. It has everything you need to install your slipper suspension on your tandem-axle trailer, and you can feel confident that everything will stand up to daily wear and tear. At TK Trailer Parts, we want to make sure that you have the products you need to keep your business running smoothly. Order your new tandem hanger kit today, and please let us know if you have any questions about our online catalog! Features:

  • Designed for use on trailers with a 2″ wide slipper spring axle suspension
  • For Trailer Axles: 5200 lb. 6000 lb, 7000 lb, 8000 lb
  • Stamped HD steel to ensure strength ( Weld On)
  • Equalizers Bars for smoother highway experience

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Weight45 lbs



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