Hello Chelsea, thanks so much for sending the return, prepaid label. I wanted to tell you (and ask you to forward my message to anyone interested) that I am incredibly impressed with the service I've received from The Trailer Parts Outlet! I had ordered a trailer lift jack from your company but received two small leaf springs instead. I called the phone number listed on your website to ask about how I could return the springs and get the jack I ordered. To tell you the truth I expected to get "the run around" and didn't think there was much of a chance I'd ever get what I really ordered.I spoke to Thomas (I didn't get his last name) and when I explained the situation he said, "how in the heck did we get that wrong!" He told me he would send out the correct order immediately and would also send a prepaid return label so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping to return the springs. To my amazement I received the jack and footplate I originally ordered THE VERY NEXT DAY! I was astonished that your company would pay for overnight shipping (the jack is heavy and I know the shipping cost for this must have been high) to please a customer but that's just what Thomas did! In this day and age it's rare to receive such incredible service and I plan to order all my trailer parts from The Trailer Outlet from now on. I'll also tell anyone who asks me where to buy trailer parts this story and suggest they order from your company.I also plan to send in a positive report on the computer if I can figure out how to do it.Thanks again for the incredible service and I look forward to doing business with your company for many years to come!

First off, I love your prices, service, and products and we will be doing business again soon! That being said only two issues. First the ubolts did not get shipped with the new hanger kit. I contacted as soon as I realized the issue and they shipped the parts immediately (Wednesday) parts didn't arrive till the following Monday so we were down a trailer for an extra week.The other issue is that every hub caps is damaged, one very badly, and one of the brake backing plates was bent into the brake drum. I'm guessing this was all fr shipping but you should probably look into a better way to protect these items moving forward so it doesn't happen again. Didn't know if you knew that was happening or not so I wanted to mention.Otherwise, awesome stuff! Thank you again for the help!

I received my new parts within a few days. Everything was a perfect fit. The customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing trailer parts. I will buy from TK Trailer Parts again when I need parts for any of my trailers.